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The Best Skype IP Resolver

Skype IP Resolver

Learn to Use Skype IP Resolver Effectively

Skype is a social networking application which is used by millions of people to stay connected from their far away families. You can look and talk to your loved ones anytime, any day. Sounds like a really good application but this too has some drawbacks. For a layman to understand, first it is important to understand about what is an IP address.

Now the IP address allows the computers to communicate with each other over the internet. Every device has its own distinct IP address. IP address is basically a collection of random numbers which differentiates one device from another.


Now the real issue here is that when you use Skype you can retrieve the users IP address. It is able to retrieve any IP address if you are aware of the users’ id. This can lead to hackers invading your privacy; cybercrime is getting higher and higher any day so if you have any crucial data on your device or some other important things which should be hidden from the public it’s better to keep your IP address hidden from prying eyes. The visibility of IP addresses to other users is known as Skype resolver.

Protection of yourself from this is in your hands. There are many ways you can protect yourself from this Skype resolver, one of which will be discussed here.

Okay so the first thing you need to do to turn on your PC is to log into your Skype account, there are a few buttons on top of the page also known as the tool bar, click on the tools button. This will open up different tabs, press the option button provided. After clicking that you will see a lot of different options on the left side of your PC. Select the connection option. Some sort of details would appear on the screen. Write 32535 in the box of use port for incoming connections. Also put a tick on the box named as use port 80 and 443 for additional incoming connections. Your next step should be to choose HTTPs. Then write the following numbers in the host and port box, 127.0.01 and 40031. Don’t tick the enable proxy authentication and enable uPNP tick box but put a tick on allow direct connections to your contacts only box. Then press the save button present on the right bottom of your screen.

In most cases the IP address remains hidden by the method mentioned above, but if you still feel insecure then the safest option is to make a new IP address so that even If the hacker is able to retrieve the IP address before, he can’t get hold to your new one. To do that either you have to search online or call for service of your internet connection company to change your IP address.

It’s better to keep your IP address private in general cases so you don’t risk exposing IP address but in Skype the discreetness is not in your hands. See more at Skype resolver.